Book Reviews

Welcome to the reviews section of the blog. In here you will find all of the books I have currently reviewed.

My review ratings are as follows:

S rank – This is the ultimate book that will forever be recommended by me and if there’s a special edition, I want it.
5 star – Get this book in hardback, it is a perfect story and you will love it.
4 star – Get this book in paperback, it’s a great book that you will surely enjoy.
3 star – Get this book on your Kindle. It’s a good book that you will like.
2 star – Get this book if you see it on a special offer. It had some good ideas but didn’t execute them fully.
1 star – Get this book as a present for someone you don’t like.

S Rank

Jade Legacy
Ready Player One
Spirits of Vengeance
The Hobbit

5 Star

Dim Stars
Jade City
Jade War
Northern Wrath
Of Darkness and Light
One Day All This Will Be Yours
Shackled Fates
The Century Blade
The Maleficent Seven
We Are The Dead

4.5 Star

The Justice of Kings

4 Star

Nophek Gloss
Of Blood And Fire
The Fall
The Kingdom of Liars
The Offset
Voice of War

3 Star

Monkey Around
Paladin Unbound
Utterly Dark and the Face of the Deep

2 Star

1 Star


A Deadly Education
The House by the Cerulean Sea
The Sword of Kaigen