Manga: My Hero Academia Vol 1

Book Cover

Welcome to the first post for the Shonen Jump Comic series, My Hero Academia which is also referred to as a manga. Fun fact – anime was actually created to help push the sales of manga as they dropped in sales due to television but the opposite happened and the anime is now hugely successful and popular.

My Hero Academia is the story of Izuku Midoriya, a young teenage boy who lives in a world very similar to ours with one exception: people develop “quirks” anytime before the age of four. A quirk is essentially a power. Whether it is used for good or bad is down to the person and their upbringing, their friends and even their schooling. Midoriya idolizes the number one hero, All Might, and watches him on the news as he beats villains across the city, Musutafu, but not just limited to what is essentially a Japanese metropolis.

He is told by a doctor that he is one of the “quirkless” which is formed of less than 20% of the population, shattering his dreams of becoming a superhero. He seems to look up to All Might since his own dad isn’t on the scene but this isn’t explained any further in this issue. In this volume he gets a quirk given to him by All Might after he rescues Midoriya but can’t use it since it’s too strong for him.

I really liked this first volume. It does well to give us a backstory to Midoriya and sets up the world. I really like the artwork but something that threw me off when I first read manga, and does now a little, is the fact that manga is read from right to left and not left to right like traditional western books. Also there is no colour, it’s all in black and white which took me by surprise but now I’m used to it I quite like it.

I love superheroes and so this manga is perfect for me. I like that the MC (main character) didn’t start with a quirk and that he actually gets given one that is too strong for him to use without hurting himself. This means that although he has got what he wants, he hasn’t gained everything because there is still a lot of work to be done.

I really disliked his childhood rival, Bakugo but in a good way. Like he’s a character you love to dislike because he is always undermining the MC or bullying him (which I don’t like) for silly reasons more reflective of his own ego rather than something the MC has done. I’m sure that their relationship will evolve but I’m not sure that the bullying will stop. Maybe the MC will become a higher superhero or something? He does have one of the strongest quirks in the world it seems.

I really like the other characters. They’ve mostly got good quirks although two are kind of weird and a couple of the characters have that all too common personality trait of being horny and some of the female characters have well developed assets which play into the ‘comedy’ of it all. I don’t care for it myself but it’s there.

My favourite characters so far are Midoriya and Tsuyu. Tsuyu is a girl and has frog like abilities which reminds me of Toad from X-Men but she is a hero and a supporting one at that but hopefully she gets more time on page later on.

Finally this has earned me my first badge of the 2022 Oasis badge collection – The Manga Badge! (If you want to take part there are 20 badges to collect, just join The Oasis discord for more info –

Rating 3/5 – This is a good starting manga. It showcases the main character, his situation, his likes and dislikes and puts in some great artwork which helps to show what the artist (and creator as they’re the same person!) can do with his imagination. I love the whole superheroes/villains thing, it’s my kind of thing and I like that there is an actual school people can apply to go to. It does have a lot of similarities to X-Men but I think it also does enough to hold its own. I like that All Might has this father figure/role model thing to him but it’s not at the front of the relationship since Midoriya is in U.A. and constantly learning/training.

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