Spells and Spaceships

By Benedict @BookishBenny

Even the name sounds BIG doesn’t it? There’s a word for that – Onomatopoeia – where a word sounds like its meaning. When I think of the word giant, I immediately picture a huge 30ft tall man. However, in the Norse world giants are very different. For one, they’re not all towering beings, sometimes they are normal sized and at others they’re bigger than the whole of Midgard.

I have decided to write up a post about the giants that live within Norse mythology. I personally love giants as a fantasy creature and having recently read Shackled Fates by Thilde Kold Holdt I wanted to learn more about them. In Norse mythology, the giants are considered enemies of the gods. From modern mediums, like Jack & the beanstalk, we picture giants to be huge lumbering idiots who stomp around the earth putting holes in everything before being…

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