The 2022 SFF books as voted by YOU!!

Almost a year ago today I created The Oasis Discord channel. It was built for the purpose of reading through the Cosmere (Brandon Sanderson’s inter-connected books) across a year with the support of others who also wanted to tackle Mistborn era 1, Mistborn era 2 and the large Stormlight Archive. The event was named Cosmere Conquest by TheShaggyShepherd (a book blogger – blog here) and I’m pleased to say it’s been a huge success and what started off as me with an idea is now over 160 members, a moderation team, private channels for authors, writers, booktubers, bookstagrammers, booktokkers, book bloggers, a mental wellbeing area, a buddy read section, off topic, a birthday hub and much more!

We’ve had a community ARC event with Thilde Kold Holdt’s Shackled Fates thanks to Rebellion Publishing and we are currently in talks with Angry Robot and Gollancz about events involving themselves and their own upcoming SFF books! We’ve just revealed the Book Badge Bingo and can’t wait to see how everyone gets on with that during 2022 as they use prompts to read books to collect book badges to complete a bingo board – more on that here.

For 2022 I realised about halfway through the Cosmere Conquest that it was quite a selective set of books and it may have been better to change it up a little to supply some variety and a break from the phenomenon known as ‘Sanderlanche‘. I set up a voting area for the members of The Oasis Discord and they each put in two male authors and two female authors with the only requirements being that they each had a published trilogy and that each sex featured a sci-fi and fantasy option. The options were collected after two weeks and then for a further two weeks votes were open to decide who we would be reading across 2022.

The idea was that there would be four trilogies selected but due to the popularity and the fact that some people might have read the most popular options I extended it to eight trilogies so that people had options so each winning book will be accompanied by the runner up of the opposite category – for example, female sci-fi winner is paired with male fantasy runner up.

Well the votes are in…

There you have it! These are the 8 trilogies we will be hosting over on The Oasis Discord, a discord channel for everyone. If you like fantasy and/or sci-fi (or horror, dystopian or urban fantasy!) then consider joining us – it’s free!

Join here: The Oasis Discord


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