The Oasis Badge Bingo coming 2022!

For 2022 the team at The Oasis have been creating a new community event that lasts all year round. We already have the books we will be reading as a discord which will be revealed very soon on this blog but sometimes you might not want to read a set book, maybe it’s not your style or maybe you’ve already read it and so we created something new.

Above is the Badge Bingo Board created by PaperbackBex – check out her blog here – she is a member of the moderating team for The Oasis discord which you can join here.

The idea behind this year-long discord community event is that you read your books as normal during 2022 and some of them will correspond to some of these badges. For each book that matches a badge, you can place a colour copy of that badge onto the board. Once you have all of the badges, you will have completed the board! There is no race or competition here and it’s all in good nature for fun among bookreaders.

If you are taking part and want to show off then Bex has created a Twitter header for you to display proudly across Twitterdom:

And there is a cool badge if you want to show off the fact that you’re a member of The Oasis discord!

I bet you’re wondering what the requirements are for these 20 badges…. well I can reveal 10 of them today. If you head over to PaperbackBex’s blog you can view the other 10!

So there you have them! 10 of the 20 badges revealed here so what are you waiting for! Come join The Oasis, the best SFF discord with an amazing community and brilliant features. Make sure you follow the blog to catch the books we are going to be reading in 2022 as a discord!


2 thoughts on “The Oasis Badge Bingo coming 2022!

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