One Day All This Will Be Yours by Adrian Tchaikovsky: Review

Welcome to the end of time. It’s a perfect day.

Some information about this book:

  • Genre: Sci-Fi
  • Release date: March 2nd 2021
  • Page count: 144
  • Series: Standalone

Book Cover

Nobody remembers how the Causality War started. Really, there’s no-one to remember, and nothing for them to remember if there were; that’s sort of the point. We were time warriors, and we broke time.

I was the one who ended it. Ended the fighting, tidied up the damage as much as I could.

Then I came here, to the end of it all, and gave myself a mission: to never let it happen again.

“ANOTHER PERFECT DAY at the end of the world.”

The story begins following our narrator, our hero, our survivor, in fact he is the only person alive at the end of time. We do not know his name nor do we find it out but that is not important. What is important to remember is that at the end of the very existence of humans and our timeline, he is alone.

It’s not a bad thing, in fact, after watching the war to end all wars play out, our protagonist is actually happy he is alone. Alone with his robotic Allosaurus, Miffly, he spends his time restoring old farming vehicles, growing crops and killing time travellers who have lost their way into his timeline.

Oh yes, this hero I mentioned. He likes to be alone because being alone, without someone else to mess up the timeline (which is near damn perfect I should warn you), is bliss. This is until someone from the future turns up in his timeline and proposes a bigger problem.

“I am the full stop to the sentence that is human history.”

What Adrian has written here is nothing short of witty and smart story telling. It genuinely flows like I imagine time does flow (edit from future Ben who has time travelled back – he’s right) and is smooth like a jazz player from the twenties (edit again: can confirm, I’ve been there). The events that occur in the book start off genuinely amusing and this will instantly put a smile on your face. The sole survivor feeding hopeful time travellers to his pet robotic Allosaurus is equally funny (for us) and terrifying (for that humanity’s last hope).

“And I feel my heart grow three sizes, because she’s a bitter sociopath, but she’s my bitter sociopath.”

Then when someone turns up from the future, it proves to be a problem that our survivor might not be able to solve. Deciding on his best course of action, featuring numerous time jumps which are all equally interesting and amusing, our hero provides a glimpse into what is a very serious and scientific hypothesis (edit again: not a hypothesis!) while giving us an enjoyable story that will not confuse you or hurt your brain trying to work out the who or the how.

Rating 5/5 – I had never read anything by Adrian but ODATWBY is a book that is both brilliant and smart, enjoyable and funny and something you should be putting towards the top of your tbr, especially if you read huge stories as this one comes in at a couple of hours reading making it the perfect break to help you get over your book hangover.

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