Welcome to The Oasis.

The Oasis is a fantasy book blog (primarily) with book reviews and the occasional book-related feature. Please have a look around the site and think about joining The Oasis discord, a thriving book community.

The Oasis discord is for you if you like books, good conversation and making friends. Set up in November 2020, I wanted to create a space for people to read through all of Brandon Sanderson’s Cosmere books. As the months went on the community got bigger and we now have over 160 members in less than a year. For 2022, we have four trilogies to read as a group, with one book each month (Jan – Mar, Apr – Jun, Jul – Sep and Oct – Dec). There are chapter breakdown areas so each book has its chapters split into 3 so that you can talk about that cool thing that just happened without the fear of seeing (or giving away) spoilers!

In 2022 we also have 20 book badges to earn by reading books with certain prompts. You can download a blank badge bingo board from the Discord and you can chat to others for recommendations as you collect the badges together throughout the year.

There’s also an area for NSFW Shenanigans, a buddy read room where you can suggest and participate in a book read over a month, a mental well-being corner if you’re down and just want to chat, and the birthday hub so that everyone can wish you a happy birthday on your special day plus lots more!

If you want to join, click here. It’s free and you can use discord on mobile, tablet or pc/laptop.